Recommendations for:
Marketing and Events Coordinator
Michigan Fitness Foundation

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June 10, 2010
Gretchen Mensing
Public Relations and Development Manager
Michigan Fitness Foundation

“Sarah is an phenomenal individual to work with. She positions herself as someone who is always on the cutting edge of Public Relations and New Media trends. I've had the opportunity to work with her for just about a year now and have been able to learn and be encouraged to pursue a career in the event planning/public relations industry. Her outgoing personality makes her a pleasure to work and she is someone I would highly recommend for any leadership position.”

September 26, 2009
Katy Homanick
Communications/Event Planning Intern
Michigan Fitness Foundation

“Sarah is very committed to her work and always puts in the extra effort to go above and beyond what is expected. She is intelligent, creative, and has helped me grow as both an individual and a future PR professional.”

June 13, 2008
Devon Bradley
Marketing Events Intern
Michigan Fitness Foundation

“Sarah has taught me how to become a better writer and has enhanced my knowledge and understanding of PR tenfold. She is very well organized, and applies her leadership skills with ease. Sarah is always ready with new ideas, and is a delight to work with.”

June 12, 2008
Jessica Makolin
Marketing and Events Intern
Michigan Fitness Foundation

Recommendation for:
National Director of Professional Development/Chair-elect
PRSA New Professionals Section

“Sarah and I worked together on the New Pros of PRSA Executive Committee from 2009 to 2010. In 2009, Sarah was the Programming Chair, booking, organizing, and advertising 3 teleseminars for our members. In 2010, Sarah advanced to the Professional Development Director and 2011 Chair-Elect. As a volunteer leader in this professional society, Sarah has been an accountable self-starter. These characteristics have been instrumental to Sarah's success at producing successful events without supervision--New Pros of PRSA is a national program that relies solely on email and phone communication. Sarah has arranged more than 4 events in 2009 and has supported the training and work of the new Programming Chair in 2010. Sarah is also a thoughtful collaborator. Because we are a new group (started in 2009), we are challenged with developing new strategies to reach members and encourage others to join. Sarah has always been wiling and available to help discuss new opportunities for improving our efforts, and she often has great suggestions on how we can streamline our work. Sarah has been a joy to work with over these past two years. I believe that Sarah has skills that could be applied successfully applied to any position she chooses, and I would strongly recommend her based on our experiences working together.”

April 5, 2010
Janet Krenn
Executive Committee Chair 2010, Communications Chair 2009
New Professionals of PRSA

Recommendation for:
PACE Awards Co-Chair
PRSA Central Michigan Chapter

“I had the opportunity to work with Sarah to coordinate the 2010 PACE Awards for the Central Michigan Chapter of PRSA. Sarah served as Co-Chair of the event and did a fantastic job. Sarah was organized, creative, hard working, and paid attention to every detail of the event. Sarah served on multiple sub-committees and was responsible for reporting back to the board the progress of the event planning. Sarah was always looking for the best way to accomplish things and was not afraid to try new ideas and look for input from other committee members. I enjoyed working with Sarah very much and would recommend her for any position that she is interested in.”

June 1, 2010
Angela Dockett
Marketing Communications Manager
American Cancer Society

Recommendation for:
State Conference Chair
PRSA Central Michigan Chapter

“I worked with Sarah on the sponsorships and exhibitors subcommittee for the Public Relations Society of America-Detroit Chapter 2010 State Conference. As chair of the all-volunteer subcommittee, I noted that Sarah worked exceptionally well with the team. She always notified us if she couldn't make a scheduled meeting; carried out assignments well and on time; and provided a valuable presence in the East Lansing area. All while carrying out her "real" work responsibilities. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her on a committee again.”

June 9, 2010
Ilene Wolff
Web Editor
Beaumont Hospitals

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